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Magnetic Glasses


"the project started when my 3 year old daughter broke my glasses twice in a row!"

Marc Sapetti

You probably have noticed that glasses always break at the same point: the hinges. To avoid breaking the spectacle frames, we need a system that reduced tension when pulling the temples, a solution not yet explored and developed in this market.

We decided to create a breakaway system, using embedded magnets in the frame that allows unrestricted movement of the leg and thus eliminates stress. The magnetic strength can be controlled to ensure a balance between a secure fit of the glasses (i.e., the pressure against the user’s temples) and the breaking point of the plastic material.

“an Eyewear that is Easy to Wear,

Easy to Store and Easy to Maintain”


01. Concept

An Innovative Concept with cross-market influence, high-quality features and mix-match styles

The concept to create sustainable spectacles was based on creating a long- lasting and easily fixable product. Embedding magnets in the leg of the frame reduced strain on parts prone to breaking, and therefore extending its realistic lifetime.

An additional small magnet, placed at the centre of the leg, holds the legs together and helps to keep the glasses in a closed state.

The opposite polarity of the magnets on each leg ensures the user doesn’t attach the legs on the wrong sides. A curved connection automatically maintains the leg upright and locks it in a unique position for a stable and snug fit. The frames and legs come in several creative colour combinations, which can be mixed and matched for different styles.

02. Method

The Journey from Ideation to Development: A Human-Centric Approach

Before we began designing, we deep-dived into the world of eyewear to understand the status quo of the market, already available solutions and their limitations. We spoke with various manufacturers to understand the technical challenges they face internally. We also interviewed groups of people to determine what features these end-users look for. By taking a hands-on approach, we were able to develop our unique idea into an optimal and desirable product.

“We noticed a gap in the glasses industry. This magnetic glasses were developed to address the lack of lasting glasses that also offer stylish design and human comfort. We used our experience from other segments like backpacks and industry-machines to come up with this innovative solution.”

03. Key Features

Such designed presented a series of opportunities both in manufacturing and from a consumer perspective:

- Frames can be produced via plastic injection (high-volume production) or in 3d printed nylon (SLS PA12).

- Temples can be purchased in different formats, sizes and colours.

- Unbreakable hinge system that also allows the front frame to be more resistant.

- Creative colour combination.

- Fine adjustment of the temples to fit perfectly the physiognomy of the user's head.

04. Process

Creating an Ergonomic-Centred Product that focuses on Comfort, Stability and Security

The 3D prototypes were tested on four different types of 3D scanned heads, belonging to the 80th percentile of the population. At each stage of the process, the 3D prototypes were tested over 5 days by 2 individuals to guarantee the best solutions were chosen. Using several rounds of 3D printed iterations to refine the concept, we finally delivered the end product fit for our daily lives.

05. Results

Solve a Common, Long-term Issue through a Unique Solution: Sustainable Eyewear

The Magnetic Glasses were born from a unique concept, aimed at solving a commonly occurring problem for a niche market, in particular fathers with young kids. The magnetic glasses are set apart from pre-existing solutions available in the market because of their ergonomic design and low maintenance. Easy replacement of parts, by reordering only 1 segment of the glasses, guarantees low yet lasting maintenance.

It also offers numerous manufacturing and retail advantages like customization and systemization of the product through a combination of leg colours and sizes.


06. Highlights

Unique patented solution

Optimal design with innovative features that provide a secure fit and a stylish look

Ergonomic solution

Controlled magnetic mechanics ensure maximum human comfort and convenience

Sustainable Design

Unlikely to break and easy to repair design with no need to replace glasses


Multiple round of fully functional and visual prototypes. All tested, evaluated with a small focus group and subsequently optimized.


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