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Door Hooks

Initiated by a request from the Economic Promotion department of the Canton Zug (Switzerland), we created a set of door hooks to curb the rapid propagation of the Covid-19 virus.

Due to a very limited time frame, we have tested the Sprint Design methodology (initiated by Google Ventures): a 5-day process to answer critical questions through design, prototyping and testing. Although the method is ideal for UI-UX and software dev. we found it to be a very interesting tool for industrial design.

The briefing: a device to open doors, locks and touch buttons without human contact to avoid the fast spread of the Covid-19 that could be produced using widely available domestic 3d printers.

Each of the following designs offer a set of advantages depending on your environment and needs:

DROP_the hook for public transport

Ideal for holding onto rails in public transports such as bus or trains.

Download the 3d model here


ESSE_the hook for large heavy doors

Designed to open doors with large handles, press buttons and be hooked onto your pocket for easy access

Ideal for those having to move frequently inside large buildings.

Download the 3d model here


FOLD_for grocery shopping

Ideal for grocery shopping and for those doors you need to push to open

get the 3d model here


PINCH_for those extremely picky who don't even want to pick up a paper!

Ideal for.... well... opening door and picking up a mask or a paper!

Download the 3d model here.



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