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Cavaletti Stretch

Cavaletti Stretch was designed to soften the serious and rigid office environment by adding movement and fun to the public areas. In addition, it's rocking movement and low ergonomic posture provides a healthy change of posture in the office throughout the day.

Did you know we have a "second heart" in our legs?

When looking the circulatory system of our body, scientists consider that our body has a "second heart" in the calf and foot: they help to push deoxygenated blood back up to our heart and lungs.

That is why when we remain seated for a long time without movement, we start feeling more tired. It's simply that our body is able to pump only a smaller part of our blood, and therefore able to deliver oxygen to our cells (and muscles).

the rocking movement was adopted in the Stretch chair to incentivise the user to move/rock using it's feet and calf. This situation, in combination with the relaxed #ergonomics, allow are body to #regenerate and recover from seating for long periods.

Colours and textures as part of the ergonomic analysis

Colour combinations and material textures were a focal point of the project to further create a sensation of relaxation and well being.

When specifying the Stretch chair into a space, Cavaletti's "Ergo-Team" also takes into consideration aspects such as lighting and scent for a holistic approach to ergonomics, providing then spaces that provide #wellbeing and the right functionality for it's users.

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