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Blinkers, the next-generation bicycle lights: Integrating electronics and engineering with design, this high-fidelity product was imagined by a Swiss start-up to ensure cyclists and commuters are visible, understood and expected by other vehicles, drivers and even pedestrians, irrespective of the angle, the situation or the time of day.

Blinkers consists of a front and rear light that is attached magnetically to the bike with a large sequential turning signal, similar to that used by most leading car manufacturers. The turning LEDs are so powerful that you can be seen and expected in all types of weather, even with harsh sunlight. The turning LED indicator, as well as the light and the laser, are controlled with an ergonomically designed pad that is located right at your fingertips on the handlebar.


With a tight timeframe of fewer than five months to launch, this project required complete engineering design solutions to create a high-fidelity prototype.

The aim was to devise a bike light with a powerful turning indicator that could be easily seen and understood by other drivers, even on the sunniest of days. Additionally, a key requirement was to ensure the bike light fits most bikes in the market while keeping the lights visible and away from the body.

Blinkers bike light comes from the surprising equilibrium between unconventional yet convenient design and extraordinarily integrated technical features.

The innovative laser beam displays an ‘arc’ on the road to mark a ‘safe space’ territory, warning other drivers to stay out of the way.


To reduce the ideation and design timeframe, over six prototypes were evaluated in a reduced focus group of 10 cyclists.

The group included typical commuters, professional riders and bike couriers (using both cargo and typical bikes) that provided valuable comments for alterations.

Once a design direction was confirmed, various technical aspects needed to be addressed before the manufacturing process. Water-resistance, integration of electronics such as a large battery with a strong LED PCB and installation of an ‘arc-forming’ laser beam were some of the innovative and important features.


Industry first-mover with user-friendly design and functionality: Blinkers are strong lights, ideal for visibility and safety in peak traffic or on busy routes.

The product had a high adoption rate from its early stages, with over 2000 units sold in the first year.

The lights can easily be snapped on or off your bicycle rail as well as be conveniently controlled by a small remote-control pad located on the handle near your thumb. Button placement and light activation disposition are intuitively and carefully designed to make it error-proof.


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