Our clients span across various sectors such as exoskeletons (industrial and medical), medical devices, consumer products as well as corporate furniture.

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The Chairless Chair® is a passive exoskeleton designed for manufacturing companies, whose workers are required to stand for long time periods or where traditional sitting is not possible. With the Chairless Chair®, workers can walk while wearing the sitting support, without obstructing the workspace as well as avoid strenuous postures such as bending, squatting or crouching.  

consumer products

Blinkers, the next-generation bicycle lights: Integrating electronics and engineering with design, this high-fidelity product was imagined by a Swiss start-up to ensure cyclists and commuters are visible, understood and expected by other vehicles, drivers and even pedestrians, irrespective of the angle, the situation or the time of day.


office furniture

Cavaletti Leef Swivel Chair is a high-end ergonomic task chair that offers users a unique ergonomic concept and functionality.  

This innovative office chair uses high-end sustainable materials and was designed as a step towards circular economy

accessories & 

soft goods

ONE is a unique carry-on luggage with click-on laptop case, designed and thought for business travellers. The suitcase’s concave centre is intended for the user to easily attach magnetically the soft case module


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