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Jey&em ONE

Jey&em, Switzerland


contribution to the project:

Idea generation

Product design



ONE is a unique carry-on luggage with click-on laptop case, designed and thought for business travellers


With a focus on attractive aesthetics and sleek style, ONE luggage is designed with a detachable laptop case. The suitcase’s concave centre is intended for the user to place the laptop case on the three magnetic points, thus compensating for the additional thickness of the case. ​

The laptop case/bag section is devised as a hybrid between a traditional laptop bag and the front pocket of a suitcase. It comes in two formats – Sleeve or Bag – and catering to different work and/or travel styles. Jey&em plans to launch other innovatively designed products aimed at simplifying the business traveller's journey.  

Overall ONE luggage has a calm, soft, and clean design; and its geometry gives the luggage distinct strength, stability and robustness.


The innovative ‘Part Laptop Bag - Part Suitcase Sleeve’ detachable concept came from a human-centric behaviours analysis on European business travellers.

01. Method

Sapetti’s role in creating luggage to improve any travel journey, especially for business travellers 

We took the challenge in its entirety - from competitor analysis, product design and manufacturing to supplementary branding and photography services.

The most crucial aspect was primary market research and behavioural analysis that led to the idea of the detachable laptop case. We shadowed various business travellers on 2-day business trips that involved multiple means of public transport and at least 1 short-haul flight.

02. Process

An Integration Process: Trials for Improved Usability and Functionality 

The first series of luggage were formulated and tested in real-life situations by specially selected ‘ambassadors’. Sapetti developed 3 series through our manufacturing partners in Eastern Asia and conducted user surveys and product feedback interviews to select the final design with improved functionality. We also directed a unique product photoshoot to generate interest from both early adopters and investors.

03. Results

Breaking Market Barriers: Unrivalled and Unique Value Proposition

Our client wanted to make a change in a very competitive, crowded market. Sapetti was not only at the root of idea generation and intellectual property but also offered comprehensive project solutions. Our keys-in-hand approach gave our client, Jey&em, the chance to focus on other business and marketing aspects.


ONE luggage has been granted a patent for its detachable laptop case as well as for its ability to compensate the extra weight at the front.

Project highlights

blue ocean project 

Original patented product with direct competitor with similar feature and functionality in the market

Behavioural Analysis

Ingenious idea born from a hands-on experience of living the journey of a business traveler

Keys-in-Hand Approach

Complete projective with comprehensive solutions. From idea to market entry and communication

User-Centric Product

Directed at improving users’ travel journey and experience of the product. 

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