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Leef office chair

Cavaletti, Brazil 


contribution to the project:

Product strategy

Industrial design


Cavaletti Leef Office Chair is an ultra-comfortable, high-quality task chair that is engineered with a unique concept and ergonomic features. 


The Leef Office Chair was developed by Sapetti as part of a product strategy project for Cavaletti s.a. , where he noticed a gap in office chair space and with it, a chance to fill it with a high-end flexible chair.


The chair’s ergonomics are built around the backrest. The fabric part of the backrest hangs from two extremes while the lumbar support is a movable structure that forms the shape of the backrest. The backrest comes with a smart membrane: a plastic piece that can deform in response to the pressure and shape of the back of the user.


This innovative office chair uses luxe quality, sustainable materials that render soft, slim and adaptive support for the user’s back.

01. Method

The one-of-a-kind Cavaletti Leef Office Chair was created in search of an unusual design and unparalleled yet familiar comfort, unlike any typical office chair.


The project used the Agile Design Methodology, which breaks tasks into small increments with reduced planning and quick iterations. The project also relied heavily on testers to incorporate feedback, adapt for changes and create this original design product.

The name ‘Leef’, came from ‘leaf’, which was a constant point of reference during the development process to serve as a continuous reminder for creating a structural chair with a slim and flexible backrest that follows and molds to the user’s back.

02. Process

The process from ideation to mass manufacturing product of a high-end swivel chair was essentially based on prototyping, testing and validating with real users


Each iteration was tested with various real-life users. Feedback data received from these users was analysed in-depth to implement changes on the next prototype. 

The chair design is driven by functionality and comfort and the final version includes a movable and adjustable structural lumbar that is key to forming the shape of the backrest.

03. Results

A welcomed addition to the client's portfolio: a highly performant and ergonomic operational chair 


Designed to allow for disassembly and recyclability, Leef is a sustainable ergonomic office chair. The project was introduced as an initiative towards a sustainable product design strategy, with the goal of moving towards a circular business model in the mid-term future, as well as becoming a sustainable reference company in South America.

The combination of its technical characteristics and design details make Leef a uniquely comfortable and iconic chair that reinforces the image that Cavaletti is a market leader in Brazil, capable of innovating conventional products.


Project highlights

product strategy

We analysed the company product portfolio, found a unique opportunity and filled an industry gap that was not apparent at first sight.

ergonomic design

Guarantees maximum short-term as well as long-term comfort and offers optimal use in management offices and on operations floors


Designed for disassembly and recyclability and made with high-quality materials (partly coming from recycled plastics) and natural fabrics from certified sustainable partners.


Various prototype versions were tested on real-life users to find the right balance of engineered features,  innovative comfort, stylish design, and a “producible”/ scalable product.

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