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ExMachinae, Switzerland


contribution to the project:

Conceptual design


ExMachinae is a conceptual design for an upper-body active exoskeleton with focus cervical area active support


Some projects are initiated to inspire potencial customers, gain credibility  towards investors and access larger funding rounds. Exmachine was one such project, designed for conceptual, rather than for commercial use.


Using expert experience, our team developed this ergonomic upper-body exoskeleton, as a proof-of-concept prototype with the goal to inspire both investors and future buyers.

01. Method

A Unique Design based on Functionality, Ergonomics and Design For Manufacturing (DMF)


Using highly advanced technologies and manufacturing processes like monocoque carbon fibre printing and composite 3D printing, our team designed a unique conceptual exoskeleton. The product was developed for inspiration purposes and adapted to target both investors and users. Technology and viability could be adjusted and retrofitted, depending on the outcome of the investment round.

ExMachinae was developed as a visionary product, without any technical constraints, allowing our team to fully explore the potential of ergonomic concepts. The end result was a product with extensive adaptable features that can fulfil the needs of future users.”

02. Process

Human-Centred Approach led to an Innovative and Inspirational Solution

From the start of the project, our team identified and aligned the impact goals. Final users were at the centre of the product, and not the industry requirements.


The product development was driven by innovative ergonomic concepts, in-depth Interviews, hands-on immersion, extremes and mainstreams analysis. Multiple solutions were explored, designed and assessed to narrow down to a viable concept.

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03. Results

Pushing the Boundaries of Ergonomics in Exoskeletons with a strong sustainability concept.


Using composite 3D printing, our team was able to explore innovative design solutions that were previously unviable. The monocoque skeleton integrates electronics, motors and batteries in a distributed manner to reduce perceived physical weight. Taking advantage of this "no waste" technology, Sapetti proposed a circular  business model that would allow end users to easily replace components to extend the product lifetime and upgrade the system over time. 

Combining cutting-edge technology and our expertise in exoskeletons, the resulting product is a sleek object with soft, curved surfaces and convenient, functional features.

Project highlights

conceptual design 

Sleek concept for Inspiration and for visual expression to gain investor's trust

human centered design 

Soft shapes and smooth curvedurved surfaces guarantee maximized comfort, convenience and adaptability

CGI & illustrations

computer-generated imagery to depict the concept and inspire investors

Sustainable approach

easy to replace worn parts, use of "no-waste technologies" and upgradable over time

Next project

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